Mending Workshop with Abigail West

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Join us for an evening of learning and stitching on Thursday November 4 from 6-8 pm.  

Repairing clothing is more than practical: it increases the garment’s value by making it more beautiful and adding a creative handmade element. “Boro” is a Japanese tradition of mending clothing by layering on scraps fabric, to fix tattered holes and add bulk to the garment for weathering the cold winters. “Sashiko” is similar, but with a more decorative flair of stitched patterns. In this workshop, students will learn to take needle and thread to a garment to mend a hole or tear using the Boro technique.

Most supplies are included. Participants will receive a mending kit to work with.

Please bring the following:
  • A garment that needs repair: denim or another sturdier fabric preferred (we’ll have extras to practice on if you don’t have anything)
  • Scrap fabric for patch (we’ll have extra of this as well)
  • Any favorite sewing supplies you may already like to work with: needles, embroidery floss, pins, thimble

This workshop will be led by Abigail West, a printmaker, metal worker, scavenger, and graduate of the Lamar Dodd School of Art at UGA. She is also a Creative Waste Specialist and the Coordinator of the Teacher Reuse Store with ACC.

After purchasing your workshop ticket(s),  please email BARBAR at and provide us with the name of attendee(s) and a contact email and phone number. We will text or email a reminder and any updated info close to the event day. 

Abigail West